About us

Newcasinos.co is an online portal with new casinos listed including a review and bonus offers of each casino. Many people are looking for new casinos to try something new, take the bonus offer or play new games. There are many ways to find a new casino but we believe that the most easy way is to have all new casinos listed on 1 site, like at this site.

We don't list all casinos on this site because we want to offer only quality casinos and casinos who don't have bad reviews or comments from other casino players. For this we visit other casino portals to see the reviews of real players. 

We also test each casino for real money to see the whole proces from sign-up until playing with the deposit and see if everything is working smoothly. We check the terms and conditions and see if they are fair but we do warn you to read always the terms and conditions yourself. At least the bonus terms which is not such a long text.

We hope that you can find a good new casino and you can always contact us if you have questions or experience problems with a casino.