List your casino

You can apply to get your new casino listed on this site but we will always test your casino. We want to offer our visitors quality casinos and with fair terms and conditions.

How to get listed?

We always charge a listing fee of 250 euro. You can not negotiate about this price so if you are not willing to pay the listing fee then there is no need to contact us.

When you paid the listing fee you will get the following:

- Review of your casino
- Listed in the categories which can be assigned to your casino
- Listed in 10 new casinos on homepage

The 10 new casinos on homepage are showed randomly. So every visitor will see a different order. We think this is the most fair way to all casinos. You will stay on the homepage until 10 new casinos are placed after you.

What happens after this?

Of course you will always stay on our site and listed in the related categories.

We also have a top 10 Casino list. In this list we have the 10 best online casinos and positions are given by a monthly fee. We can give you the fees for these positions if you are interested.

Getting started

Contact us if you want your casino listed and we will get back to you as soon as possible.