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An online casino is a business with real people working so they need to make money to survive. At the end of the month the salaries need to be paid and during the month winning players get paid out their winnings. This means that the Casino in the long run needs to win from the players otherwise they will not stay online. For this the casino games have a random number generator which gives the casino a small percentage of profit. This percentage is for each game different and the casino or you can't change this. But a player can definitely increase the chances of winning with our 10 tips to win.

Have a look at the tips below and try to use them as much as you can. We can't guarantee that your chances will increase but these tips can definitely help you. Plus doing the opposite can decrease your chances of winning.

Tip 1: Stop playing on time when getting a loosing period

The biggest winners in an online casino are mostly also the biggest losers because they don't know when to stop. They reach a certain win amount and they have the feeling that they can win more. But there is the danger. If you have a good period of winnings and suddenly you start loosing then it's time to stop and don't believe that you will win again. Take a break and play some other games to get out of the system settings that it's time to loose now.

Tip 2: Study the slots before playing

Many players believe that slot machines are just luck and no strategy is involved like with Blackjack or Baccarat. But you can definitely study slot machines as well before you play and get an advantage out of it. Do you like high volatility with big wins or do you prefer small wins many times with low volatility slots. This is very important when managing your bankroll.

Slots have different RTP (Return to Player) percentage so don't choose a slot with a low RTP. You can find the RTP percentages in the game rules of most slots.

Do you like jackpot slots because you think you can become millionaire in one click? Perfect, but read the rules first because you can't win the jackpot with each bet. Most slots requires max bet and if you don't know this and you win the jackpot with a low bet you will have a very bad time.

Tip 3: Don't count 100% on a strategy system

Online you can find many strategies and systems with all kind of guarantees. It's good to read these strategies but don't count 100% on it. There are many other elements which influence your winning chances.

Tip 4: Use an excell sheet to see your end balance

Some players win money and and forget that they also deposited to get to these winnings. We advise to work with an excell sheet and to make an overview of your deposits and winnings so you always know how much you have won/lost in the end.

In the excell sheet you can also report any bonuses and the required wagering so you always know what is going on.

Tip 5: Take your time

Gambling can cost a lot of time and sometimes you spend hours in your chair playing casino games. Also now with mobile casinos you can play anywhere you want but the danger is that you get distracted a lot.

Take your time when you play online casino. Have a break and drink enough water and never alcohol. Keep an overview of the money you won/lost with your excell sheet we explained in Tip 5.

Tip 6: Set a time budget

Gambling is entertainment and should stay entertainment. Set a certain timeframe to gamble like going to the theatre. When your time is finished leave the casino and come back later. In this case we always advise you to make a screenshot of your casino balance in case there is a technical problem with the casino and you need to prove that you had a balance.

Tip 7: Use bonuses and free spins

Bonuses and Free Spins are there to increase your chances of winning. When you make a deposit check if there is a bonus or free spins promotion available you can redeem. It will increase your bankroll and chances of winning. Don't forget that bonus promotions have wagering conditions so you are also stuck to some requirements.

Tip 8: Don't drink alcohol and don't take drugs

Alcohol and drugs can change your judgment level which can result in big losses. In a landbased casino high rollers get free drinks all the time. They don't do this because they have too many drinks left but to make the players more relax and feel more comfortable to play more.

Tip 9: Assume that you will loose

As we said in the beginning all games have a payout percentage between 96% and 98%. That means that of every 100 euro bet you will receive 96%-98% back in your balance. So in the end you will always loose. Of course this is over a long period and with many players but statistically you can not win from the casino.

Always keep this in mind and don't expect that you can beat the casino. When you lost your money accept it and don't continue playing to win back your money. That's the biggest mistake a casino player can do.

Tip 10: Don't play the games which are in the first lines on the homepage

Casinos publish some games as most popular games and they hope that you play the first games on the homepage. Not because these are most popular with players but these games give the casino the best profit. So they promote them as the most played casino games or the best games to win on but this is not always true. It's a bit the same as a supermarket. The products with the highest profit are placed in certain position where most people pass or buy things.

So try to play some games which are lower in the selection of games and not in the most popular section.

We hope that these 10 tips can help you to increase your chances of winning. Again there is no guarantee that these tips will make you win but it's always good to try different things and see what is the best combination.


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