Tips and strategy for casino high roller

Online casino's are very happy to see a high roller player coming to their casino because this means high deposits and in the long run a high profit for the casino. But a high-roller in a casino also means more risk for the casino because the higher the bets a player makes the higher the winnings can be. And that's something a casino doesn't like. So we thought that it's time to give some useful information for high-rollers.

What is a high roller?

A high roller for a casino is a player who makes high deposits like 500 euro or more and plays high bets. A casino receive everyday a lot of players but most players make 10-100 euro deposits. Off course a casino is very happy with these players but they need once a while a player who is giving a big push to the turnover of the casino. In general the high rollers in a casino take care of 80% of the turnover of the casino but a casino need players with smaller deposits as well because it's important to have volume of players. In the end a small player can always become a high roller.

But there is also a big risk with these players because high-rollers are not afraid to put maximum bets on games and for example with some slots the win can get very high when you receive free spins with multiplier. When this happens the happiness of a casino changes to sadness because a player who wins big money needs to get paid..

Preparation for a high-roller

It's very important to do good research in the casino when you want to make a high deposit. With your first deposit you need to find a casino with a high maximum welcome bonus and favourable wagering requirements. It's very important to read the terms and conditions and especially with high bets. Some casinos have a maximum bet you can play with bonus money so it would be a shame that they don't pay your winnings because you played with a higher amount than the maximum bet on bonus money. This is very important to check and you can find this in the bonus terms. Also you can read our article Everything you need to know about wagering requirements.

Also check if there are games which are excluded in a bonus. On some games you can not play with a bonus or the wagering requirements are more strict.

Advantages of being a high-roller

When you are a high roller in a land-based casino you get rewarded with VIP treatment, free food and drinks, free stay in hotels, etc. But in an online casino these rewards are not possible so they give you other advantages. Most if the time you will become a VIP player and you get higher bets, receive your payouts faster, higher bonuses and tickets to exclusive events all over the world.

When you make high deposits and make good money for the casino you can count on a VIP manager who will spoil you mostly with bonuses but with some casinos with presents and other things.

Before you start playing

Because you can play high bets and spins off 50 euro or more it means that your winnings can be much higher. If you play on a slot with a multiplier of 10x and you play in a bonus game it's possible to win 10.000 to 50.000 euro in 1 spin. Perfect for a player but risky for a casino if this happens too many times.

Unfortunately there are casinos who don't want to pay high winnings or they will find excuses not to pay. That's why we advice you always to make screenshots or a video of any big win.

It might be a good idea to contact a casino first and ask them what they can offer for a high deposit and also for future high deposits. They might different offers which you can't find on the website of the casino.

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