How to play casino tournaments and what can you win?

To add some excitement for casino players many online casinos offer tournaments with different prizes. Next to a loyalty program and different promotions are tournaments a good way to keep casino players active and stay in the casino. Players collect points by wagering on games and a ranking divides the prize pool over the players who opted in. But how does a tournament at online casinos work and what is the best way to play. Read in this post about tips and tournament strategies and how to become a tournament champion!


How to Start

First you need to find an online casino with tournaments and open an account. Without an account you can not play in any tournaments. Most casinos who offer tournaments have a ranking with the top 10 or 20 winners and how the prize pool is divided. There are two ways to get started:

1. Opt-in the tournament

When you need to opt-in for a tournament you click on the special button and you are listed in the ranking. Only the players who opted in are able to collect points for the tournament and only these players can win prizes. Sometimes you can opt-in before the tournament starts or only when the tournament has started.

2. No opt-in tournament

When there is no option to opt-in a tournament you just need to play on the selected games and you automatically collect points. This means that also players who might not know about a tournament will automatically participate in the tournament and can win one of the prizes. Look out with casinos with these tournaments because if you win a prize and they give you a bonus you are connected to the wagering requirement of a bonus. But most of the times they send you an email and they give you the option to accept the prize.

Before you start playing at a tournament you will need to read how the specific tournament works. Find out about the tournament type and how to collect points.

Tournament types

Online Slots tournaments are mostly freeroll tournaments where everybody can opt-in and score points for the ranking. In these freeroll tournaments you have the opt-in option or you score points without opting in and you automatically entered in the tournament. Freerolls tournaments are very attractive because you can win prizes without paying an entry fee

The other tournament is a buy-in tournament where you need to pay a fee to opt-in and the prize pool is the total fee collected by the casino minus a commission. This you will see also on poker sites.

Some casinos also offer VIP tournaments which are only available for VIP players. They have a higher entry fee and prizes.

Duration of tournaments

There is a big variety in the duration of tournaments. Big casinos have daily tournaments while small casinos mainly offer weekly or monthly tournaments because their player database is not so big.

How do you win?

To win a tournament you need to be the first on the ranking when the tournament ends. Most of the times not only the first player will win prizes but there is a top 10 or 20 who receive a part of the prize pool. With buy-in tournaments the prize pool depends a lot of the number of participants.

There are different tournament options and you need to study these first before you start playing. Here are a few examples of tournament winning options:

- Ranking based on highest total win amount
- Ranking based on most win rounds
- Ranking based on highest total wagering
- Ranking based on highest win amount

The above information is important when you want to play a certain strategy. If the tournament is based on the most win rounds then you need to play on low coin value but with most possible winlines. You need to score as many win rounds as possible so with more winlines you will have more chances of winnings and it doesn't matter how high these are.

If the tournament is based on highest win amount than you have to place high bets. Your bankroll might be finished faster but you only need to get a few high winnings to end up in the top of the ranking.

Always check the paytable before you start, so you know what the highest paylines are and where to pay attention to. You can first play the games for free with fun money so you can see the options of the slot.

If the tournament is based on the highest win amount be sure to play high volatility games so when you win it's a high prize. If you only play on low volatility games you might win more often but the win amounts are lower. The opposite counts when the tournament is based on the most win rounds. Then playing on low volatility games

What can you win?

This differs per casino and can be bonuses, free spins or cash prizes. With a buy-in tournament it's clearly a cash prize which is set by the number of participants.

With a freeroll tournament a Casino sets a prize beforehand and is divided over a top 10 or 20 for example. This can be free spins, bonus or cash prizes.

Before you start playing the tournament check the prize values and the terms and conditions of the prizes. If it's a bonus you need to find out if it has wagering requirements and/or a maximum payout amount.

Tips for playing tournaments

1. The moment a tournament starts many players will get into action and start playing. This means that the casino server can be overloaded and the games a bit slower. So wait 30-60 minutes to start a tournament so the games are stabile.

2. If there is a time limit try to make as many spins as possible to increase your chances of winning.

3. Set a budget before you start playing. If your budget is finished but you see that you don't have a good position in the ranking, take your loss and stop playing. Don't go over your budget because you think you can still get a better position.

4. Investigate the games of the tournament and play on the games with the highest RTP. In most slots you can find the RTP of the game in the game rules and a slot with a higher RTP will give you an advantage.

Where to play the best Casino Tournaments?

First of all you need to find the casino where you like to play and have a good feeling regarding trustworthy and security. But if you just want to know where to play the best tournaments then you can choose for one of the below casinos.

1. Blizz Casino Monthly Races

Every month you can play in the €10.000 Monthly Race at Blizz Casino. Minimum bet is €10.

2. Gslot - Big selection of Tournaments

For a lot of action you need to go to Gslot. They have tournaments which last for 4 months but with a prize pool of €500.000 or a Weekly Live Clash with a prize pool of €3000.

3. Bitstarz Slot Wars

Bitstarz calls her tournaments Slot and Table Wars. These are weekly tournaments with a prize pool of €5.000 and 5.000 free spins split between 150 players.The winner of the weekly tournament will win €1.500.

4. Winota - Monthly Race and Live Casino Tournaments

Winota is one of the less online casinos who offer Live Casino tournaments. Winners are paid out in Coins which you can redeem at their shop

5. Whamoo Casino - 1 active tournament every day

At Whamoo Casino they have every 6-10 days an active tournament with bonus prizes or free spins.

Visit our new casinos with tournament page for more online casinos where you can battle against other players.

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