What bonuses can you receive at an Online Casino?

Free money, welcome bonus, reload bonus or a no-deposit bonus. Who doesn’t want something for free or extra money with your deposit? But what kind of bonuses and free money can you receive at an online casino and what do you have to do to claim it? This article explains you everything for your next bonus and in the end you can find great tips for using a bonus!

No-deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a free bonus which you can receive when open a new account or when you are a good depositing player and the casino wants to give you something extra. The amount can be somewhere between 5 and 25 euro and there are always very strict terms and conditions connected to this bonus
Pay attention to the following things:
- Most no-deposit bonus have a maximum payout amount. So when you win 1000 euro and the maximum payout amount is 500 euro then the casino will pay you 500 euro and the other 500 euro will be deleted. In that case you could play a bit longer until you reached the 500 euro maximum payout and then request a withdraw
- Check out the wagering you need to do with a no-deposit bonus. This is mostly higher than a standard bonus.
- Most of the times when you win money with a no-deposit bonus you need to be a real money player. This means that you need to make a deposit first or have a deposit history.

First deposit bonus or Welcome bonus

At almost all online casinos you receive a bonus with your first deposit. There are a few online casinos who use a new system where they don’t give any bonuses at all including no welcome bonus. But at 99% of the casinos your first deposit will be doubled or you can even get more like 200% - 300%.
Pay attention to the following things:
- At some casinos you don’t receive a welcome bonus when you make a deposit with Neteller or Skrill. So look out if you want to use these payment methods
- Sometimes you need to select the bonus when you make your deposit and sometimes it’s pre-selected. If you want to receive the bonus be sure that the bonus has been selected. You might not receive it afterwards when the casino doesn’t offer a good service
- Investigate if there is a max wagering amount with the bonus. If you go over this max amount and you win you might end up in deleting your withdraw.

2nd Deposit bonus or more

Some casinos offer a bonus on your 2nd, 3th, 4th or more deposits. This can be 50% instead of 100% welcome bonus or another 100% up to a certain amount. The terms and conditions are mostly the same as the welcome bonus.

Refer a friend bonus

You receive this bonus when you refer somebody to the casino. In your account you can find a link which you can send to people or there is a form where you can fill in email addresses of people and the casino will send a link to your selection of friends. The link has a special code so the casino knows that the new player is coming from you.
When your friend reached a few requirements like he needs to deposit and play with the money then you will receive a bonus.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is an extra bonus for players who made deposits before to make a player active again or to keep him a happy player. It can be a bonus of 20%-25% for the next deposit sent by the retention team.
Some casinos use a special retention system like Optimove. This is a very sophisticated system which put players in groups and based on these groups it send a bonus offer. In this way players who make big deposits will receive an offer with a higher bonus than players who make small deposits. It can also send bonus offers based on games a player plays and it send the offer on the days that the player is active.

Cashback bonus

You receive a bonus before or when you make a deposit. A Cashback bonus you receive after you lost money and it’s a compensation for the losses you had in a certain period. The calculation is mostly based on your deposits minus the payout and minus any balance. Some casinos also add the received bonus to the calculation.
A Cashback bonus can be based on your losses of the day before or in the previous week / month. At No Bonus Casino you don’t receive any bonuses but every day you receive a cashback of the losses of the previous day.

VIP Bonus

VIP bonuses are for the highrollers and mostly only offered to VIP members of the casino. To be able to receive these bonuses you must be a VIP player or have a deposit history of a few thousand euro. The bonus percentages are a bit higher than a normal bonus but the big difference is the maximum bonus you can receive. These are up to 500 or 1000 euro.

Tips for using bonus

Finally we have some useful tips for you to get the maximum benefit our of your bonus offers:
- If you have a budget and you don’t mind to make big deposits than check the maximum bonus you can receive and make a deposit based on that maximum bonus to get the full reward
- Always read the bonus terms before you use a bonus. Most players don’t read the general terms and conditions which we can understand but the bonus terms are very important to read
- Make a calculation of the amount you need to wager to reach the wagering requirement of a bonus
- Check which games are allowed to play with bonus money. Live casino games are mostly excluded for playing with bonus money
- There is a time limit on the use of a bonus. This is mostly a few days so use the bonus before the expire date otherwise it will get deleted.
- Too good to be true. This definitely counts for casino bonus offers. If the bonus is very high than the changed that the bonus terms are very strict is very high.
- Don’t beg for bonuses on the live chat. You will get a ‘Bonus Hunter’ note in your account and the casino will skip you with the next bonus offer.

Now that you know more about the bonuses you can receive in an online casino it’s time to find the best bonus offers on our welcome bonus page of our daily bonus offers page.

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